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Business Consultation
Starting a new business is an exciting endeavor. Its also one of the greatest opportunities we have in this country. Unfortunately, in today's economic climate, it can also be a substantial risk. Often, people with their own businesses have all the necessary tools: (1) providing a needed service; (2) good marketing; (3) financial savvy; and, (4) great ideas. However, not all businesses succeed. In fact, most fail within the first few years. Why? Unfortunately, we continue to see businesses which should succeed fail simply because they were not properly set up and consulted when they began. Far too often, failing to seek the help of a professional when you open your business results in mistakes and/or omissions that hurt later on.

The business consulting professionals at Shoemaker Law, LLC specialize in all aspects of initial business formation and cultivation. We have represented hundreds of small businesses in a variety of industries. We provide an exceptional, free initial consultation to determine the precise needs of your individual business. We help you determine what type of business entity to form, how to form that entity, where to register that entity, and how to initially market your business. We prepare the appropriate paperwork and ofter a wide range of services from filing the necessary documentation on your behalf to walking you through the process yourself. We are different from most professionals that provide this service because we include you in the process and allow you to pick and choose the services we provide based on the amount you want to spend. Either way, we stick with you the entire time. Once your business entity is formed, we provide continuing services as you expand. Not only do we represent small businesses, but we are one ourself. We know the problems you will encounter and the solutions you will need.

At Shoemaker Law, LLC, it doesn't matter what type of business you want to start. The initial considerations and legal consultations remain the same. We have represented and continue to represent general construction firms, small subcontractors (plumbers, concrete subs, etc.), financial and investment firms, sole proprietorships, and even organic farms.

If you are thinking about starting a new business or you already have, contact the professionals at Shoemaker Law, LLC for a free initial consultation right now! We can help.