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Obtaining a judgment against someone for financial damages often seems like a long and arduous process. Far too often, attorneys are capable of obtaining these judgment without being able to collect on them. Unfortunately, a judgment without collections is worth nothing more than the piece of paper on which it is written. How do we find money from someone who refuses to tell us where assets are located or someone who has failed to even participate in the litigation?

At Shoemaker Law, LLC, we specialize in finding and obtaining assets from the most difficult judgment debtors. How do we do this? Simply put... We utilize a different strategy than anyone else in the industry. We don't simply push paper and hope we run into something with financial value. We do the necessary research and investigation to find the individual judgment debtor, then we apply legal pressure to obtain financial information prior to filing collections paperwork. The simple fact of the matter is that, in today's technologically advanced world, it is not difficult to find financial information. Everything we do, from where we bank to where we work, creates an electronic footprint. Our experienced professionals will uncover this information against your judgment debtor efficiently and at an inexpensive cost to you.

Once we know what your judgment debtor has, we utilize a variety of legal tools to collect those assets in satisfaction of your judgment. The professionals at Shoemaker Law, LLC have been successful in attaching wages, garnishing and seizing vehicles, garnishing and seizing storage units, garnishing and seizing safe deposit boxes, freezing bank accounts, and auctioning personal property from judgment debtors in collections efforts. Judgments in Maryland are good for twelve (12) years and can be indefinitely renewed after that. If you are patient and willing to spend a few dollars on an initial assets investigation, we will almost always collect some portion of your judgment.

If you have a judgment and don't know what to do, contact one of the attorneys at Shoemaker Law, LLC now for a free initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon.